When Should You Contact Your Emergency Toronto Dental Office?

If you or a loved one are in a position where you need dental assistance then you should have a trusted Toronto dental office that is ready to accommodate your emergency within minutes. A quick visit or a phone call can save you much time, energy and pain.

Common Dental Emergencies

Chipped, Cracked, Broken or Missing Teeth

There are many activities we do every day that can end up damaging or cracking our teeth. While the leading cause of chipped, cracked or damaged teeth typically stem from sports related incidents, many incidents are a result of harmless activities such as chewing on extra crunchy or tough food and other harmless activities.

The longer you delay seeking dental assistance, the more likely you are to cause further damage to your gums, tongue or the damaged tooth. This is largely due to the fact that your teeth are in constant contact with food, drinks, your tongue as well as other teeth. This constant contact will only further complicate things and will prolong the inevitable dental procedure. Any contact or friction with the affected area of the mouth can lead to more complications.


One of the main reasons people seek emergency dental assistance is to deal with severe tooth pain. Often a toothache is the symptom of a bigger dental issue. By choosing not to see a dentist right away, you may come to realize an increase in pain intensity and a more complex dental treatment could be required the longer you wait.

According to Health Canada, 12% of Canadians report that they experienced ongoing tooth pain in their mouth over the past year. An experienced dental practitioner will seek to provide you immediate relief of the affected area as well as identify additional dental work to avoid future complications.

Why You Should Never Delay Seeking Dental Assistance

Many people who require emergency dental assistance will make the mistake of not seeing their dentist as soon as possible. Roughly one third of adults will procrastinate before they visit their dentist, with roughly 80% of them knowing that it would likely cost them in the long run. In the event where you may find yourself preoccupied with other events and activities you feel may take precedent, remember that your oral health should always be a priority.

One of the many reasons people delay seeking dental assistance is due to the high anxiety they experience around a dentist. It’s not uncommon and it has been estimated that over 10% of adults avoid seeing the dentist because of a dental phobia. Going to the dentist is made much easier when you’re working with an understanding and caring dental practitioner with a wealth of experience in helping patients who suffer from high anxiety.

Questions to Ask When Looking for Your Emergency Dentistry Office in Toronto

You never know when you will require emergency dental assistance. In the case of a dental emergency, you will want to be able to answer all of the following questions quickly.

  1. Where is the dental office located?”

What’s the fastest route to your dental office? How long will it take you to get there? In most circumstances you are likely the one who will be giving directions to a driver or find yourself taking public transit on the way to your appointment. That’s why it’s best to find a location that is easily accessible by all modes of transportation.

  1. What are the office hours?”

Better yet, how flexible are the office hours? You also have to ensure that you are in contact with a highly competent and professional secretary who can work with you quickly. In the event that you need attention after hours, it helps to know if you can contact your dentist directly. Speak with the dental receptionist and try to find out how they accommodate emergency dental procedures after hours.

  1. What procedures can they perform?”

An experienced dental practitioner should be able to assess your pain or problem, identify exactly what is happening to your mouth, and put the appropriate dental procedure in to action. Dental offices with years of experience, awards and glowing recommendations usually stem from the fact that they can come through for their patients. Your dental office should be able to accommodate chipped teeth, lost fillings, severe and non-severe tooth ache and pain, broken braces, cold sores, swelling and loose or broken crowns among a wide variety of other potentially severe dental issues.

What if I Can’t Visit My Dentist Immediately?

There are certain instances where you aren’t able to see a dentist right away. In these types of situations, it’s important that you follow some of the following protocols before you head to the dentist’s office.

  1. Keep the affected area clean with water, or salt water if it can be made available to you.

  2. Avoid any unnecessary contact or friction with the affected area. This includes eating and touching with the tongue or finger.

  3. In the case of a chipped or missing tooth, try to preserve the missing tooth or shards of teeth and keep them in a safe location.

An Award Winning Emergency Dental Office in Toronto

Dr. Judy Sturm and Associates in downtown Toronto is both easily accessible and ready to make you a priority – regardless of whether you are a new patient or an existing one. We’ve all been in stressful situations and the understanding staff at Dr. Sturm’s office will do their best to make sure they can accommodate your dental needs immediately. Dr. Sturm’s Toronto office specializes a wide variety of dental services and can help patients in any kind of dental emergency.

With 25 years of dedication to her craft, providing excellent service and a stellar track record of handling her patient’s dental emergencies, Dr. Sturm’s dental office has earned the title of “Best Dentist in Toronto” by the readers of Now Magazine.

Contact Us Today

When you are in need of emergency dental assistance, Dr. Judy Sturm is ready to handle your request. Dr. Sturm’s office, located at 77 Bloor St West, is both ready and able to make you a priority. Call our offices at 416.967.4212, or book an appointment through our online form. While only 27% of adults visit their dentist when they have a problem, 100% of Dr. Sturm’s patients get results. Once you experience the care and quality that every patient receives when they come to the dental office of Dr. Sturm, you will never want to change dentists.

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