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The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleanings & Dental Exams

Most Canadians consider themselves to have excellent oral health. With this in mind, it can seem excessive that dental visits are recommended every six months. Of course, the reason for such good oral health is the ready accessibility of preventative dental care.

Canada has some of the shortest wait times for dentists in the world. As a result, preventative dental care visits for teeth cleaning and dental exams are regularly attended. As is true throughout the medical world, prevention is the most effective treatment.

Why Do We Need Regular Teeth Cleanings?

Teeth cleaning sounds like a purely cosmetic dental treatment. But it’s actually a crucial factor in maintaining your oral and general health. Cardiovascular disease, strokes, cancer, and bone loss have all been linked to poor oral health. Teeth cleaning prevents and helps to screen for potential problems.

Brushing and flossing are excellent for day-to-day care and ongoing maintenance of your teeth. But they aren’t enough to put aside the need for dental cleanings. For properly clean and healthy teeth, professional cleaning is necessary. Here are a few benefits of dental cleanings:

Dental Cleaning Benefits

  • Whiter, brighter smiles
    • Dental cleanings remove plaque buildup and stains that discolour your teeth. More cleaning can ease the need for teeth whitening treatments.
  • Insurance coverage
    • Most dental insurance plans cover dental cleanings. Take advantage of this to prevent spending more on other cosmetic dentistry treatments later on.
  • Prevent cardiovascular & gum disease
    • Teeth cleanings are among the best ways to prevent gum disease. This maintains oral help and prevents early tooth loss. Gum disease is also closely related to cardiovascular disease. Cleanings can reduce the potential for strokes and heart attacks.
  • Prevent bad breath
    • Always reaching for a stick of gum? Regular dental cleanings help to address and prevent persistent bad breath.
  • Confidence
    • Freshly cleaned teeth leave you feeling confident. You feel better with fresh breath, a bright smile, and assurance of your oral health.

Why Do We Need Regular Dental Exams?

Regular dental exams are crucial for early detection of budding oral health problems. It reduces the severity of the required dental work, and can even prevent need for expensive procedures altogether. The greater your risk factors, the more often you should get a dental exam.

Most of us are only aware of dental problems when experiencing oral pain. However, there are many more signs that your dentist is able uncover early. Perhaps before it can even turn into a painful problem.

Dental Exam Benefits

  • Early detection of disease
    • Periodontal diseases, oral cancers, and cardiovascular disease can be caught early on with regular dental exams. Early detection raises the success rate and reduces the costs of necessary cosmetic dentistry procedures.
  • Early detection of dental problems
    • Signs of tooth decay are discoverable early on, improving the ability to prevent further damage. Cavities and broken fillings are easily detected so they can be addressed before becoming a painful problem.
  • Save money
    • Dental exams are usually covered by dental insurance. As well, the solutions for early detection and prevention are typically less expensive than addressing a full blown problem.

How Often Do I Really Need To Visit The Dentist?

How often you need to visit the dentist depends on your age and the condition of your oral health. The usual recommendation is one visit every six months. For adults, depending on their oral health, 3-4 times a year may be most appropriate.

If you have an elevated risk of periodontal disease, dental visits should be more frequent. Previous periodontal disease are one of these key risk factors. As well, smokers have a greater risk of oral disease or infection. If you may have a high risk level, consult your dentist to determine how often you should visit the dentist. It is important to detect any symptoms as early as possible.

Children require more frequent dental visits. They should visit the dentist twice a year to prevent cavities and maintain oral health. You should schedule their first dental visit by their first birthday.

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