The Risks of At-Home Orthodontics

Everyone likes to save a little cash, but when it comes to your health being too frugal can cost you down the line. Discount healthcare usually means sacrificing quality. In most cases, it’s either a band-aid solution that still needs to be fixed later or a direct cause of further problems.

One of the biggest culprits right now is do-it-yourself dentistry. Brands like SmileCareClub and Crystal Braces offer at-home orthodontics are nothing more than cheap Invisalign knock-offs.

These products attempt to offer the same quality of orthodontic care without having to visit a dentist. Patients receive mail-order kits to make dental impressions that they then share with their cell phone camera.

Based off of the image, the company sends a series of plastic aligners that the patients fit themselves. All the direct work is done without the presence of a specialist. It’s a futuristic plan, that the present is ill-equipped to manage.

Even with phone or email support, at-home orthodontics cannot offer the level of care necessary for monitoring progress and effects. A smartphone is no replacement for a cosmetic dentist.

Why Do-It-Yourself Dentistry Comes Up Short

In the best case scenario for a simple problem, do-it-yourself dentistry can make a minor improvement. However, it fails to address underlying issues and cannot identify problems that begin to occur. Normal dentist provided orthodontics are a mix of proactive and reactive solutions.

At-home orthodontics only serve to address the symptoms of misaligned teeth. There is no proactive attempt to identify why the teeth are misaligned, nor can they identify problems occurring as a result of the treatment.

Not identifying the cause of the problem can mean that after all the time and money spent on these products, the benefits may only be temporary. As well, there is a risk of only exacerbating the existing issue.

The Dentists Approach to Orthodontics

When a dentist approaches orthodontics they take a more holistic view of the mouth. They are not just looking at the teeth, but at how the health of the jaws and gums affect or cause the misalignment.

Once treatment is underway, the dentist regularly checks up on the patient. They look for loose teeth or signs of impending traumatic tooth collision. They can find solutions before these risks turn into expensive problems.

In theory, you could visit a specialist before treatment and in between switching aligners. This would be a safer approach, but you’d be reducing the savings while still using an inferior product. We always recommend visiting a dental professional for your orthodontic needs.

Alternative to At-Home Orthodontics

Our preferred alternative to at-home orthodontics is Invisalign. Invisalign is a popular orthodontic for adults. It has all the benefits of braces, without many of the drawbacks. For one, Invisalign gets faster results averaging just over 1 year.

As well, it delivers on results. In fact, many celebrities earn their signatures smiles with Invisalign. The product quality, sophistication, and dental guidance result in safe and effective alignment.

The experience itself is even better. The aligners are clear, making them difficult to detect, so there is no need for embarrassment over wearing adult braces. Plus, you can remove them as you need to eat anything you want!

Although they come with a higher price tag than at-home options, they will not cause expensive problems, and the results last. As well, many dental insurance plans will cover between $500 to $3,500 for Invisalign treatment. Most people under 18 have full or partial coverage for orthodontics.

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