What’s The Best Treatment For Cold Sores?

Cold sores aren’t just physical sores, they’re eyesores. Sometimes it’s hard to decide which part is worse; the tenderness and itching, or the crusty oozing scab. One thing’s for sure, that cold sore has got to go.

With as much as 80% of the population having been affected by cold sores, we’re all familiar with the condition. What most people aren’t familiar with, is the best way to treat them.

Cold Sore Treatments

When it comes to cold sores, just about everything has been tried. There are people who swear by unproven home remedies like peppermint oil and echinacea, while others flock to doctors and drugstores for topical treatments and antiviral medications. But the best treatment is laser cold sore removal.


Laser Cold Sore Removal

Laser cold sore removal is the best treatment. It’s fast, effective, safe, and performed by your dentist. The use of lasers is becoming increasingly common in Toronto’s best dental clinics.

Laser dentistry helps with:

  • Laser cold sore removal
  • Sculpting oral tissue
  • Desensitize teeth in preparation for other procedures
  • Improve gum health
  • Remove lesions
  • Biopsy

How Laser Cold Sore Removal Works

First, the laser deadens the nerve cells around the cold sore. This provides immediate pain relief. Next, the laser increases collagen formation by promoting biostimulation. This helps the cold sore to heal in just a few days, instead of weeks of medication.

It’s not just faster than medicated cold sore removal, it’s also better. People who have had laser treatment experience cold sores less often and with less intensity in the future. You can also stop the development of a cold sore if you get the treatment early.
The procedure only takes a few minutes, and the pain relief is nearly instantaneous. As a bonus, the treatment is both affordable and is often covered by dental insurance.

Does the Laser Hurt?

No. The laser used for cold sore removal is pain-free. You may feel a warm sensation in the area the laser treats, but no pain.

Don’t Cold Sores Heal on Their Own?

Yes, a cold sore will typically heal on its own within about 4 weeks. But, that’s a long time to go around your job, work and friends with a painful, crusty cold sore. Especially if you have an important event like a wedding, presentation, or date coming up.

If you need a cold sore to go away fast, and you want to reduce their frequency and intensity in the future, laser removal is your best option. As well, reference the cold sore survival guide to learn how to help recognize, and prevent cold sores.

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