Depression Beverly Hills

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According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), over 40 million American people suffer from anxiety disorders every year. That’s over 18% of the US population falling victim to, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and other similar affections. At AsandraMD, we know depression is one of the most impactful mental illnesses worldwide, and we also know it’s treatable.

Unfortunately, self-treating depression in Beverly Hills is not always the wisest choice. Many specialists will recommend a series of methods to minimize the symptoms and control the affection, like adopting a daily workout routine, stick to a tight military-like schedule, use medication and so on. The problem is that these strategies rarely go according to plan.

Instead, we have adopted and perfected a program whose efficiency is no longer under debate anymore. It’s called Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), and it functions by restoring your hormonal balance back to normal. Studies show that anxiety and depression are common symptoms during hormonal imbalances, and these may occur for a variety of reasons, including constant stress, poor diets, pregnancy, reaching menopause and others.

What this shows is that women are more prone than men to develop depression over their lifetime. No matter the gender, however, the BHRT delivers extensive effects meant to change your life for good. These include:

  1. Physical enhancement – One of the most effective ways of treating depression in Beverly Hills is by adopting a more active lifestyle. That’s easier said than done when you lack the physical strength. This is where the hormonal therapy comes in, boosting your muscle mass, supporting higher levels of energy, and triggering fat-burning mechanisms. You will be able to become more active and fight off depression on your terms.

  2. Psychological improvement – Relieving stress and achieving a more peaceful state of mind are essential aspects of preventing or treating anxiety disorders. Again, the BHRT proves perfect for the job, as it will sharp your mental functioning, help you focus better, regulate sleeping, and manage stressful situations with greater ease. These are natural effects of healthy hormone levels, which means BHRT does nothing more than supporting the standard functionality of your brain. No chemicals and no animal derivatives take part in the process.

  3. Emotional balance – With the help of the bio-identical hormone therapy, your emotional stability will return to normal levels. You will no longer feel weak and fatigued, your sense of well-being will increase considerably, and you will show more self-confidence and determination. These are the assets of any healthy and powerful individual, able to take on depression and escape its paralyzing and debilitating grip.

We can now treat depression in Beverly Hills with one of the most modern and most effective procedures of the 21st century. There’s no need to linger in suffering and misery anymore. Our professional services are designed to not only provide you with rapid relief but to improve quality of life. Contact us, at AsandraMD, and make an appointment! The time for change is now.

Depression Beverly Hills