TMJ Dentist

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TMJ Dentist

If you suffer from TMJ, it's vital that you see a dentist who specializes in treating Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. Left untreated, you could face a lifetime of pain and accompanying symptoms that significantly reduce quality of life. At Davinci Smiles, we treat TMJ with the newest techniques and dental appliances designed to reduce pain and prevent teeth grinding while you sleep. Call our staff to schedule a consultation appointment to find out more about treatment.

When Should I See a TMJ Dentist?

If you experience ongoing facial, ear, or jaw pain, neck & shoulder pain, or popping, grating, or clicking sounds when you move your jaw, it's time to see a dentist and get help for TMJ. A definite diagnosis of TMJ is key to a successful treatment plan. As a full-service dental care practice, our team at Davinci Smiles can create a custom-fitting bite plate to wear at night to prevent teeth grinding. There's no reason to suffer from pain from TMJ with affordable treatment available in your community. TMJ pain rarely goes away on its own; in fact, it often leads patients to drink to excess or misuse prescription meds to alleviate pain.

Does TMJ Require Surgery to Correct the Condition?

In most cases, seeing a skilled TMJ dentist is all that's necessary to enjoy a pain-free life. You can avoid seeing a third-party dentist by choosing a general practice dentist who treats TMJ. If you've received a referral from your dentist for a specialist, schedule your next appointment with our staff from Davinci Smiles- we'll assess your teeth and jaw to determine the best course of action for treatment. Prompt treatment for TMJ is essential to avoid taking prescription medication on a routine basis to manage pain.

You Don't Have to Live With TMJ

The good news is that there is affordable treatment available for TMJ when you visit Davinci Smiles. Instead of trying to deal with the pain or accompanying symptoms, meet with us to find a one-time solution that eliminates jaw pain and gives you back your life. Learn more about treatment on our website or by calling your community's most respected TMJ dentist. A simple dental prosthetic repositions your jaw and improves your bite, for pain-free eating, smiling, laughing, sleeping, and living your life. Explore our website's resources for additional information on TMJ and see our TMJ dentist for treatment.

Choosing a Good Dentist

You have numerous options when selecting a new dentist for your family; why not opt for a specialist who offers full-service dental care? At Davinci Smiles, we provide preventive dentistry services along with a broad range of specialty dentistry, so you'll experience fewer referrals out-of-office. We've invested in new technology, the best equipment, and continuing education- all for the single purpose of providing an exceptional patient experience when it's time to see your dentist. See us for your next checkup or schedule an appointment for TMJ treatment knowing you're in the most capable hands.

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