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Are you or a family member in need of braces? Contact the Whitby Orthodontics specialists from Dundas Dental to discover the many options available today for creating a beautiful, straight, white smile.

At Dundas Dental, they take a health-centered approach to orthodontic care. Dr. Peter can not only improve the aesthetic look of your teeth, he can also correct structural problems that may be affecting your health and wellness. It is often surprising for patients to learn that the head, back and posture are all impacted by jaw and tooth misalignment, including crowing or deep bite issues. This is why the Whitby Orthodontics specialist is primarily concerned with ensuring the proper shape, size and alignment of the jaws.

Dr. Peter and his team at Dundas Dental have straightened teeth with severe crowding issues, overbite, gap and jaw alignment problems, all without surgery and all using the latest in modern dental technology. Feel free to visit DundasDental.ca to review case studies on the website where you can see photos of patients whose smiles and facial structures have been transformed by non-intrusive dental treatments.

Through Whitby Orthodontics, patients are not only happy and more confident than prior to treatment due to the improvement of the physical appearance of their teeth, they no longer suffer from jaw stress, tension headaches, sleep issues and postural pain. Dundas Dental is rooted in non-invasive techniques because they believe they provide better, tangible, structural changes that last a lifetime.

The Whitby Orthodontics experts believe a major part of having a beautiful smile is having straight teeth. If you are an adult or a senior thinking about braces, it may have been the case that braces were out of your parent’s budget or straight teeth just weren’t a priority when you were growing up. With the introduction of Invisalign treatment, adults can easily achieve the beautiful, straight smile they may have wanted for many years.

Made from plastic that is virtually invisible, Invisalign braces can provide the straight smile you have in mind without the inconvenience of metal braces and brackets being glued to your teeth. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that slowly move the teeth into place. To determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Peter at Whitby Orthodontics by calling 905-721-1616.

Dundas Dental treats children, adults and seniors with orthodontics. That being said, the earlier a problem is identified, the easier it is to treat; however just because you missed out on having braces as a child doesn’t mean you have to go through life with crooked teeth. Age is typically not a barrier to achieving a better bite and a better smile.

To set up a consultation with the Whitby Orthodontics experts at Dundas Dental, call 905-721-1616 or visit online at DundasDental.ca, where you’ll find a wealth of information at your fingertips with regard to your dental care. Dr. Peter is always accepting new patients, so call for your free evaluation today.
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