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A New Way To Replace Missing Teeth

One day, you may be able to regrow your missing teeth with your own stem cells.

Yes, you read that right! Dr. Jeremy Mao, a professor at Columbia University, has developed a type of molar scaffolding to regrow an entire tooth in just nine weeks. Although pre-clinical studies in animals are promising, it doesn’t sound like he will be able to test it on humans for quite some time.

Filling cavities without fillings could also become a reality. Tideglusib, a drug that has been tested for Alzheimer’s disease, activates stem cells in teeth, encouraging them to form dentin. A biodegradable sponge is soaked in the drug and placed in the cavity. This activates the stem cells and stimulates the formation of dentin, which builds up and fills the cavity. This isn’t a treatment you can get at this time, but there’s a possibility the drug will be fast-tracked to end up in dental practices.

Can you regrow your teeth now? The answer is no. But should Tideglusib become available for cavities, it’s expected to be a cost-effective treatment.

If you lose a tooth, your best option (for now) is a dental implant. It’s comprised of an artificial root made of titanium. It gets placed in the jaw and a replacement tooth is attached to it. With implants, you will …

n chew foods with ease

n achieve a complete, natural-looking smile

n prevent bone loss

n maintain your facial appearance

n share your smile with the world!

Many people also replace missing teeth with dental bridges. A bridge permanently attaches a realistic replacement tooth to the teeth on either side of the gap.

Your Yorkville dental team will keep a close eye on any developments as it relates to the use of stem cells for tooth replacement. But for now, we will continue to use safe, effective, and reliable treatments – like implants and bridges – to help you achieve a million-dollar smile.

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