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Cosmetic Dentistry in a Day

Cosmetic dentistry gets you noticed. Remember, your smile is what people notice when they first lay eyes on you. While some may say it’s the eyes that do the talking, it really is the smile that people are attracted to first.

If your smile isn’t doing you any favors it’s time to call and schedule an appointment with Sturm & Associates. Dr. Judy Sturm and the rest of the doctors in Toronto have the training. They also have the experience and talented eye to transform your grin into something spectacular.

Cosmetic Dentistry to the Rescue

Time is always an issue and that’s where Sturm & Associates can help as not all cosmetic dentistry solutions take multiple dental appointments.

For example, you can opt for dental bonding and enamel shaping or try tooth whitening in a day. All three of these treatments only take a single dental appointment to complete.

Professional Teeth Whitening

If your teeth and gums are in good shape but you want to lighten them up, talk to your dentist. Sometimes all you need is an in office teeth bleaching session to lighten up those pearly whites.

Sturm & Associates offers both in office and take home whitening trays to lighten your teeth up to 5 shades or more. You can ask for a subtle lightening solution or go for something more dramatic. It really is up to you and your Toronto cosmetic dentist.

If you are not in a hurry, customized whitening trays are the way to go. When you schedule an appointment, your Yorkville cosmetic dentist takes pictures and makes a mold to create custom made trays for your smile.

You will also be given a prescription gel that you’ll use with the trays every night, or according to your dentist’s instructions. You’ll see dramatic results in as little as two weeks.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding and Enamel Shaping

Your cosmetic dentist in Yorkville uses enamel shaping and bonding to repair chips and cracks and to alter the shape of your tooth. This subtle treatment takes a single dental appointment and will give you back your confidence and your smile.

Dental bonding is reversible and done chairside. Dr. Sturm or one of her Associates may or may not use enamel shaping.

If enamel shaping is recommended it’s done before the dental resin is applied and bonded to the tooth or teeth. When the resin is applied it is molded into shape matching the tooth and the rest of your grin.

If you would like to have a beautiful smile in a single dental appointment, call or send a direct message to Sturm & Associates today.