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Dental Checkups in Yorkville for Health

Dental checkups help you and your teeth and gums live a better life. In fact, healthy teeth and gums can actually keep you healthier overall.

According to Sturm & Associates your teeth and gums have a lot more to do with overall health than you think.

For example, gum disease is more prevalent in people who smoke, while tooth loss is more common in people who suffer from periodontal disease.

Dental Checkups for Overall Health

Regular dental checkups in Yorkville prevent serious tooth and gum issues and can even help you keep your natural teeth for your entire life. Moreover, regular dental checkups with Toronto’s best dentist keep your body health as well.

Your body naturally defends itself. However, if you aren’t brushing and flossing on a daily basis, the bad bacteria will take over.

Everyone has millions of bacteria in their mouth, but let it get out of control and you are at risk.

With that being said, tooth decay and gum disease aren’t the only things you’ll have to deal with if you have oral health issues.

The Relationship between General and Oral Health

Studies suggest a link between periodontal disease and diabetes. In addition, there is a direct causal link between diabetes, sugar consumption and cavities.

Furthermore, the proven relationship between cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, stroke and diabetes cannot be ignored.

Whether you have missing, chipped, cracked or stained teeth, the rest of your body will suffer for it. You may not think a chipped tooth can do any harm, but it can. Chipped and cracked teeth allow bacteria to seep into the bloodstream just like gum disease.

The same goes for old silver amalgam fillings. Because old fillings contract and expand there is a huge chance of cracks, chips and leaks. Toxic mercury has known to cause all sorts of health problems.

Regular Dental Checkups in Yorkville

Dr. Judy Sturm cannot stress the importance of regular dental checkups in Toronto. When you see a dentist at least twice a year you are preventing potentially serious complications from occurring. You will also have less time in the chair.

Your Toronto dentist explains that frequent dental appointments mean a small cavity won’t turn into a big one and gingivitis won’t become periodontal disease. It really is that simple.

Dental Checkups for Oral and Overall Health

If you haven’t seen your dentist in some time, call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Sturm & Associates today. Your oral and overall health depend on it.

Call and make dental checkups for the entire family today.