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Have You Had Your Dental Restorations Checked Lately?

dental_restoration_checkupYour 10-year old amalgam fillings that still seem, “safe,” after all these years are not as reliable as you think.
According to your Yorkville dentist, those decade old silver fillings could be hiding something.

Sturm and Associates recommends twice-yearly dental restorations checkups or more often if your restorations are getting up in years.

Dental Restorations Won’t Last Forever

With the exception of dental implants, which can last a lifetime with proper care, dental restorations will not last forever. Sturm & Associates explains that while some restorations will outwear others, all will eventually need to be restored or replaced.

For example, silver amalgam fillings are supposed to last longer than resin fillings. With that being said, amalgam fillings still need to be checked for chips, cracks, and leaks.

Because amalgam expands and extracts, unlike resin fillings, gaps and leaks allow bacteria and acid to invade the healthy part of the tooth. Bacteria erode the tooth leading to additional cavities in the same tooth.

Teeth that are filled are still susceptible to tooth decay if the restoration is chipped or cracked. Even hairline cracks are an invitation for bacteria and acid.

It’s Not Just Old Fillings

Dr. Judy Sturm explains that it’s not just dental fillings that need to be examined on a regular basis. Dental crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays all need to be inspected for leaks and chips. Even the tiniest fractures cause issues to the healthy part of the tooth.

Dental Restorations and Dental Checkups

Be sure to schedule bi-annual checkups with your dentist or more often if you are susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay. People who suffer from systemic disease and other health concerns that affect teeth and gums may want to consider dental visits every three months.

Oral Appliance Checkups

While it’s vital to schedule regular dental restoration checkups, oral appliance checkups are just as essential. Your Yorkville dentist recommends regular checkups for oral appliances for sleep apnea. If you wear a dental bridge, make sure that you have it checked along with your other restorations and oral appliances.

Denture Inspection and Dental Restorations

Dentures you are not like dental implants. Over time, dentures will not fit like they use to because your mouth changes over time. Weight loss and weight gain also affect the way your dentures fit. Schedule regular denture checkups and if something doesn’t seem right call your Yorkville dentist immediately.

Mouth Guard Inspections

Inspect mouth guards on a regular basis. Kids will outgrow them and adults will eventually need a new one because of wear and tear. Mouth protectors are the reason amateur and professional athletes still have teeth and less visits to the E.R.

If you haven’t had your dental restorations, oral appliances, dentures, or mouth guards checked lately, call and schedule a dental appointment with Sturm & Associates today.