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Holiday Foods that Could Be Bad for Teeth

The holidays are nearly here and with Thanksgiving only a couple of weeks ago it’s time to prepare yourself for the never-ending buffet of goodies.

According to Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates overindulging on too much of a good thing does more than hurt your waistline. Munching on too many cakes, cookies, and pies is just as bad for teeth.

Below are a few foods to keep to a minimum over the holidays.

Hard Candy is Bad for Teeth

Butterscotch and the ever-popular candy cane are not good for teeth. When you savor a hard candy, it’s like soaking your teeth in a sugar bath. What’s worse is that chewing on hard candy will most likely break a tooth or restoration. If you catch yourself enjoying rinse your mouth with water afterwards to remove the sugar.

Chewy Candy and Dental Restorations

Salt-water taffy, gummy bears, jellybeans, and other chewy candies get stuck in between your teeth. Anything sweet and chewy also sticks to the nooks and crannies on the backs of your teeth. Chewy candy is also very difficult to remove, even with a toothbrush.

Soda and Energy Drinks

People tend to consume more sugary and acidic drinks during the holidays. Both are hard on your teeth. Because soda, sports and energy drinks are fizzy and contain sugar they will eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Drink water, tea or other non-carbonated drinks instead.

Citrus Fruits

While you may love a juicy orange for a snack, it’s best to enjoy as part of a meal. Oranges, Kiwi fruit, grapefruit, limes, lemons and tomatoes, yes, tomatoes are a fruit, are extremely acidic. Never suck on a lemon and if you are eating citrus on its own, rinse with water afterwards. If you like lime or lemon in your water, use it sparingly.

Starchy Foods and Teeth

Dr. Judy Sturm explains that most starchy foods are best left on the buffet table. Your favorite pretzel from the local street corner may be delicious but it stays on your smile until you rinse. Cookies, cakes, potato chips, and crackers are all culprits as well. If you must have a slice of your grandmothers pecan pie rinse it down with a glass of milk as calcium is good for your teeth.

Tooth Staining Foods that are Bad for Teeth

Everyone who enjoys a glass of wine notices that over time red wine will stain. The same goes for black tea and coffee. If you have ever had a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise or curry, your teeth probably remembered it as well.

It’s also important to note that if you can’t stay away from tooth staining foods, have your teeth professionally cleaned more often, and ask about professional tooth whitening in Yorkville.

Eat drink and be merry, just remember to keep these foods to a minimum for healthy teeth and gums.

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