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Mouth Protectors for a Healthy Smile

Sturm & Associates is getting ready for spring and you should be too. Getting ready for warmer weather means preparing uniforms for outdoor sports, and outdoor activities. Part of that uniform should include custom made mouth protectors.

While pads and helmets are a vital part of the uniform so are custom made mouth protectors.

Custom made protection for your teeth and gums and your mouth are the best way to prevent a trip to the emergency room.

Custom Made Mouth Protectors

Made by your dentist in Toronto, mouthguards help everyone in the family when it comes to playing a game of baseball or field hockey.

An Important Part of the Uniform

Dr. Judy Sturm explains that most sports should require custom made mouth protectors, but they don’t.

Just think how many lost teeth could have been saved, or not lost at all, had skateboarders worn a custom made mouth protector. The same thing can be said about people who play tennis or get involved in a game of badminton.

Contact and Individual Sports

While it is a no brainer to wear a mouthguard when you play hockey, boxing, soccer or football, non-contact sports should consider custom made mouth protectors as well.

For example, if a gymnast were to take a spill on the balance beam a mouthguard would probably have prevented that tooth from flying across the gym.

Your Yorkville dentist explains that people who play sports such as baseball, surfing, martial arts and mountain biking should all include guards as part of the uniform. Playing racquetball is a blast, but not so much if you have to end it abruptly because you got hit with the racquet or ball.

Although custom made mouth protectors provide you and your family with the best protection there are other types of mouthguards and while they are not as good as the custom made ones, they are certainly better than nothing.

Types of MouthGuards:

  1. Standard
  2. Boil and Bite
  3. Custom Made


Standard mouth guards are available at your local sporting goods store and are made to fit everyone. Of course, everyone’s mouth is different. That means standard mouthguards are not your best choice.

Boil and Bite

Boil and bite mouth guards are also available from your sporting goods store. This type of protector is placed in hot water before placing in the mouth to mold. This is a better fit than standard, but not as good as custom.

Custom Made Mouth Protectors

Custom made mouth protectors are your best bet when it comes to protection. Dr. Judy Sturm and Dr. Janice Low provide custom made mouthguards for people of all ages. They are also extremely comfortable.

Mouth Protectors in Toronto

Don’t let the spring be a nuisance and schedule an appointment for a custom made mouth protectors from Sturm & Associates today.