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Optimum Oral Health in Yorkville

Dr. Judy Strum and Associates is the only dental practice in Toronto to consider for optimum oral health.

Optimum oral health usually means optimum overall health as well and if you follow this dental blog you will remember the connection between overall and oral health.

Voted Best Dentist in Toronto

Of course if you are already a patient you’ll agree with the Toronto Star and Now Magazine who voted Sturm & Associates Best Dentist.

Being a patient of Sturm & Associates means great dental care that includes everything you and your family need, including modern dental technology. However, you don’t have to be a patient to enjoy great care and healthy teeth and gums.

If you have had the same dentist for years who hasn’t moved with the times perhaps you should consider a new dentist.

How to Have Optimum Oral Health

The first step on the road to optimum oral health starts with a dental appointment in Yorkville with Sturm & Associates.

During your dental appointment your Toronto dentist will discuss your previous medical and dental history before thoroughly examining your teeth and gums.

Your dental exam in Toronto also includes digital photos and x-rays. If you are scheduling a comprehensive dental checkup you can also expect an oral cancer screening.

Oral Cancer Screening Yorkville

One of the steps towards optimum oral health is an oral cancer screening. Your dentist in Yorkville will examine your teeth and gums, but also check out your oral cavity as well. This means checking your tongue, the insides of your cheeks and the back of your throat.

During the oral cancer screening Sturm & Associates is searching for anything in your mouth or oral cavity that seems out of place.

If a lump or bump or anything unusual such as a lesion is discovered, the team will send a biopsy to the lab for further investigation and diagnosis.

Optimum Oral Health

While practicing good oral hygiene is essential, it doesn’t always mean you will stay out of the dentist’s chair. However, it does give you a much better chance of keeping clear of decay. It also helps you stay clear of gum disease.

If you would like to get the year off to a good start, call or send a direct message. Scheduling an appointment is an excellent start.

Sturm & Associates is ready to help you on the road to optimum oral health. Call or send a text and schedule your appointment today.