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A Happy Smile is Contagious and Good for You

Putting on a happy smile affects you and those around you. When you smile you are boosting your endorphins, but according to Dr. Judy Sturm, those aren’t the only benefits you get when you smile.

Smiling is an awesome mood booster that helps your body release endorphins and cortisol providing a number of health benefits that include:

Reduced Pain
Lower Blood Pressure
Increased Endurance
Less Stress
A Strong Immune System

In addition, researchers discovered that people who smile appear to be more competent, courteous, and likeable. People who smile are also more apt to be more productive at work.

Smilers are naturally more attractive. Smiling makes you appear less worn down, tired and overwhelmed. When you put on a happy smile, people nearly always smile back.

Even a Not So Real Smile Works Wonders

Even a fake smile will boost your mood releasing endorphins. Smiling also exercises the muscles in your face. Smile muscles are much more attractive than frown muscles. If you are under stress, turn your frown upside down. Not only will you reap the rewards, so will everyone around you.

When you grin you are boosting neuropeptides, which are natural mood boosting neurotransmitters. Smiling can be likened to a natural antidepressant as it acts much like serotonin or dopamine.

Smiling is an Automatic Response

A smile is an automatic response. This means that it is unconscious. It really is scientifically proven that smiling is contagious. So put on a happy face. You’ll be surprised how many people will smile back. 

Immune System Booster

One of the best things about smiling is that it is a natural immune system booster. Smiling helps your system function efficiently, as stress; fear and other negative emotions weaken the immune system.

A Happy Smile Helps with Job Opportunities

People who smile are more likely to win that coveted promotion or job opportunity. Smiling opens the door and shows prospective employers you are ready, willing, and able.

So smile, your eyes will tell the true story, and don’t forget, even if you smile with a face covering it still boosts your endorphins.

If your smile isn’t making you happy, call and schedule a no obligation cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates today.