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Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates is a place of comfort, care, and friendliness.  We look forward to welcoming you to our Dental Family.

Monday-Thursday: 8am to 6pm, Friday 8am-3pm 77 Bloor St W #1202, Toronto, ON M5S 1M2, Canada 416-967-4212 admin@yorkvillesmiles.com

Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates


A Yorkville Dentist with a Difference

“Creating a sense of whimsy.” Now that certainly isn’t a sentence that is used very often in the world of dentistry, but that is exactly how Elevate Magazine described Yorkville dentist Dr. Judy Sturm.

Yorkville_dentistDr. Judy Sturm has practiced dentistry for more than 25 years.

Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates gives people a place where they can feel comfortable.

Dr. Sturm and her all female team offer patients laser dentistry, and restorative and cosmetic dentistry with a little bit of entertainment on the side.

With Netflix offered in all Yorkville dentist treatment rooms, you can’t help but be entertained, even if the dentists’ office isn’t your favourite place to be.

Colour and More from Your Yorkville Dentist

One of the first things people notice when they walk into the dentist’s office in Yorkville is the colour scheme. Dr. Sturm is the first to tell you that she enjoys life to the fullest and loves to laugh. With her infectious giggle, it’s hard not to feel upbeat in her presence.

More like a spa experience, Dr. Sturm wanted her clinic to give patients a sense of peace and tranquility and that is exactly how you feel when you walk through the door.

Top of the Line Dental Equipment

The team from Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates use digital x-rays and laser dentistry reducing time spent in the dental chair. This is especially important for anxious patients who would rather do anything than go to a Yorkville dentist.

More than a Medical Facility

Dr. Sturm’s dental practice walls are filled with artwork that ranges from locally commissioned artists to modern and colorful prints. Patients also love her colouful zoo animal sculptures that she collects from all over the world.

Dr. Sturm is a firm believer in giving back to her community and has been at their current location on Bloor Street for 15 years.

If you are ready to experience dentistry in a totally different way, read the full article now, and call and schedule an appointment with your Yorkville dentist today.