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Clear Plastic Braces an Invisible Experience

If your not so straight teeth have bothered you, call and talk to a team member from Sturm & Associates. Thanks to clear plastic braces you won’t have to deal with old school wires and brackets.

First Removable Tooth Straightening Device

clear_plastic_braces_YorkvilleInvisalign® has been helping people straighten teeth since 1998 when two students from Stanford University came up with the idea as a discreet way for adults to straighten teeth without conventional braces.

Removable appliances for teeth straightening actually go all the way back to 1945 when Harold D Kesling, an American born orthodontist, invented a removable dental appliance that was custom designed to move teeth.

Made from rubber and worn on quadrants, “the tooth positioner,” as it was referred to, worked like modern day mouth guards and really was the first removable non-metal device for tooth straightening. When used with traditional wires and brackets it made the process faster while being the precursor to modern day clear plastic braces.

The Invisalign® Difference

Fast forward to the 21st century where clear braces are more popular than ever with Invisalign® leading the pack. In fact, thanks to improved technology and innovations, teeth are easier to move into position.

Some say that Invisalign® technology may one day replace wires and brackets, especially with more and more insurance companies and dental plans covering clear plastic braces.

What are Invisalign® Clear Plastic Braces?

Invisalign® is a custom-made tooth straightening system that gradually moves teeth into position. Made from dental grade plastic they are much more comfortable than conventional wires and brackets.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Instead of forcing your teeth into position, clear plastic braces gently push them into the desired position. These gradual moves are made possible thanks to the patented Invisalign® software that creates the 11 to 31 clear plastic braces needed to give you a beautiful and healthy smile.

The Invisalign® Plan

While Invisalign® is a great system for most people, patients who have severely tipped or tilted teeth or people who have large spaces between teeth may fare better with conventional wires and brackets.

If you follow the Sturm & Associates Blog you will remember that clear braces are available online and easy to purchase. The only problem with that is that you don’t get to see a doctor and the procedure won’t be monitored.

The Clear Braces Process

If you and your dentist in Yorkville decide on Invisalign® you will be photographed and x-rayed. A mold or impression is also made that is sent to the Invisalign® factory for manufacturer.

When your aligners are ready, you will wear them for 22 hours every day. The only time you remove clear plastic braces is when you eat, brush, and floss.

Some people start seeing results in as little as 6 months with the average being between 12 and 18 months.

Call for a No Obligation Invisalign® Consultation

If you would like to learn more about Invisalign®, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with Sturm & Associates today. Dr. Janice Lo is a Preferred Invisalign provider who can help you love your smile again.

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