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Dental Emergencies are Difficult to Avoid

As careful as you may be, dental emergencies happen. From a knocked out tooth from a hockey puck to an excruciating toothache, it’s impossible to prevent dental emergencies and that is where your emergency dentist in Toronto comes in.

Sturm & Associates understands the pain and frustration when it comes to dental emergencies and that’s why you’ll get the best in patient care. Chipped, damaged, lost, and missing teeth are swiftly taken care of with your emergency dentist in Yorkville.

Dr. Judy Sturm explains that dental emergencies must be dealt with as quickly as possible. This is especially important for a knocked out tooth as your emergency dentist in Yorkville may be able to put it back in the socket. If you do have a knocked out tooth, put it in a glass of milk or water and do not disturb the nerves and pulp tissue on the tooth.

Dental Emergencies and Cavities

If you have lost a filling, call your Toronto emergency dentist immediately. A hole in your tooth is inviting food particles and tooth decay in for more damage to the tooth.

A cavity that is left unfilled will eventually get worse. If it does, you may need root canal therapy and a dental crown. If you lose a filling, use some sugarless gum. Dental cement to fill the hole until you get to the dentist also works.

Dental Emergencies Abscesses

A dental abscess is an infection that could be life threatening. An ignored toothache or strange and persistent pimples near your gum line could be a sign of infection. Also, keep in mind that not all abscesses cause pain. Keep a close eye on your teeth and gums as ignoring an infection could be deadly.

Lost Restorations and Dental Emergencies

If you lose a crown, inlay, onlay, or large filling don’t throw it away. Porcelain veneers that have popped off and cosmetic dental crowns may be saved if there isn’t any damage. A dental emergency but it can be put back into place with dental cement until you can schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist in Toronto.

Emergency Dentist to the Rescue

Because the team from Sturm & Associates is genuinely concerned about your dental emergency, you will be looked after as quickly as possible with a same day appointment. This will relieve your pain and take care of the problem in a swift and timely manner.

Once your appointment is completed, you will be scheduled for future dental appointments to talk about long term dental problems. This helps prevent any issues from recurring as well.

Dental emergencies should be dealt with as soon as possible. Call your emergency dentist in Toronto for a checkup and some preventive dentistry because a dental checkup could prevent a lost filling or crown.

Call for an appointment in Toronto today.