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Dental Emergencies Often Go Undetected

Dental emergencies are always unplanned. From a baseball to the head during a Little League game to a wild surfboard after tackling a five foot wave, accidents happen.

A blow to the head can have massive complications. People who are hit with a hockey puck or tennis racquet may need to worry about more than mild concussions.

Head and Mouth Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies and oral injuries can have a massive effect on oral and overall health, especially if those dental emergencies go undetected.

According to Sturm & Associates, the ER isn’t always looking for a jaw that is slightly displaced or a loose tooth. Unless you have a broken jaw or a tooth lodged down your throat, your oral injuries might be overlooked.

What Causes Dental Injuries

Your emergency dentist in Yorkville explains that any type of facial or head trauma could lead to dental injuries. Falls, sports injuries and car accidents are just a few of the accidents that could send you to the ER.

ER Dental Help

While most emergency rooms have someone on the medical team who can treat upper and lower jaw fractures along with extractions and reconstructions, injuries that aren’t always visible could cause other issues as well.

For example, a blow to the head could affect the temporomandibular joint. The joint that connects your upper and lower jaw joint may have been bruised or dislocated. This could be something that you might not notice for a few days escalating into another one of those full blow dental emergencies.

A thorough examination determines the extent of your injuries. This will also determine if you are suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder.

If you follow the Sturm & Associates Blog you will recall that TMJD affects everything from your bite to tooth wear.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

According to Dr. Sturm and her associates, protecting your teeth and mouth with a custom made mouth protector is the best defence when it comes to facial accidents.

Furthermore, every member of your family should protect themselves with a custom made mouthguard regardless of the sport.

Of course, it goes without saying that helmets and goggles are another part of the puzzle when it comes to facial protection.

Ask your dentist in Yorkville for recommendations when it comes to head and facial protection.

Emergency Dentist in Toronto

If you do need to see a dentist, call or send a direct or text message and talk to Sturm & Associates today. Your ER dentist is always here to help with dental emergencies in Toronto.

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