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Dental Implants a Forever Solution

Having even one missing tooth can cause problems for everything you do. From biting into an apple to chewing a piece of steak missing teeth are a nuisance at best. Thankfully dental implants were invented to end the plight of missing teeth and the problems they bring.

Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates, Voted Readers Choice dentist for numerous years in a row, understands the frustration that comes with missing teeth offering replacements that are as strong as natural teeth.

Dental Implants

The best solution when it comes to an empty space in your mouth is dental implants. Replacing one all of your teeth, implants can last forever as long as you take care of them.

Using posts or screws made from titanium or Zirconia, dental implants are surgically placed in or on the jaw bone. The surgery can take as little as six weeks to heal with the average time being 9 to 12 weeks.

People who are undergoing additional surgery, such as bone grafting, will require more time to heal.

After healing Dr. Sturm and Dr. Lo will place artificial teeth on top of the posts or screws. Once placed you will be able to enjoy all of the things you used to when you had teeth.

Dental Implant Dentures

As an alternative when it comes to partial dentures, implants as dentures help you speak and chew better and are much more comfortable than removable dentures and partial removable dentures.

Used to anchor your removable teeth dental implants are especially useful if your lower dentures shift or move out of place.

Back in the day people who had been missing teeth for years or those who wore dentures didn’t have much hope unless bone graft surgery was added into the equation.

Thanks to dental implant dentures in Toronto very few patients have to have additional procedures.

Good Candidates

While most people are excellent candidates for dental implants some may not see the success that they had hoped for.

If you are a smoker or suffer from gingivitis or periodontitis talk to Dr. Sturm or Dr. Lo as smoking is one of the leading causes of implant failure right along with periodontal disease.

The leading cause of tooth loss in adults is gum disease. If you qualify for implants you want to make sure that you practice good oral hygiene or you risk dental implant failure.

Dental Implants in Toronto

If you would like to learn more about dental implants schedule an appointment. Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates is ready to give you your smile back with permanent replacements for missing teeth.

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