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Missing Teeth and the Best Replacement

The strongest replacement for missing teeth isn’t dentures. In fact, dentures, while they get the job done, actually change the shape of your face because there isn’t anything to exercise the bone.

If you have one or more missing teeth the other teeth will do their best to move into position almost compensating for the missing teeth. Sadly, this causes crowding and other issues.

The Best Tooth Replacement for Missing Teeth

According to your dentist in Yorkville, dental implants are by far the best replacement for missing teeth; even if you are only missing one tooth your face will change as will your other teeth.

What are Dental Implants for Missing Teeth?

Your implant dentist in Yorkville explains that dental implants are screws or posts that are surgically placed on or in your jawbone.

Depending on your situation you’ll need to wait about 6 months for your posts to fuse to the bone. This is called osseointegration and in some cases can occur in as little as three months. However, if you need bone grafting surgery your healing time will take longer.

Dental Implant Replacement Toronto

Dr. Judy Sturm and her associates pride themselves on dental implant placement and can help you live a better life with dental implants.

Dental Implant Advantages Include:

  • Versatile
  • More Comfortable
  • Easier to Talk
  • Allow you to Eat the Foods You Love
  • They Look Natural
  • Confidence and Self Esteem Booster
  • Better for Oral Health
  • No Bone Loss
  • Low Maintenance
  • Durability
  • Dental Implants Filling the Gap
  • Dental implants, even a single one, help stabilize your grin. If you do not have all of your teeth, biting and chewing can take its toll over time. This disrupts the stability and positioning of your bite.
  • Aesthetics aside, missing teeth also cause these complications:
  • Alveolar Bone Loss
  • Gradual Gum Tissue Decrease
  • Basal Bone Loss
  • Bite Collapse

Are Dental Implants Right for Everyone?

Thanks to dental technology most people are great candidates for dental implants. Of course, only your implant dentist in Yorkville can know for sure as some people, smokers and chewers for example, tend to have more dental implant failure than people who don’t use tobacco.

Other people who may not be suitable for dental implants include:

  • People on immune system suppression drugs
  • Those who clench or grind their teeth
  • Smokers and Chewers
  • Diabetes
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Dental Implants in Toronto

Dental implants really are the best replacement for missing teeth and will change your life. Call or send a direct message to Sturm & Associates and schedule your no obligation dental implant consultation in Yorkville today.