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Have You Had Your Old Fillings Checked Lately?

If you think your fifteen year old fillings are something to be proud of, think again. An old silver amalgam filling won’t last forever with chips, cracks, and leaks being just a matter of time.

According to your dentist in Yorkville, having your old fillings checked on a regular basis is just as important as regular cleanings. 

dental_checkups_YorkvilleNew Decay Will Occur

Tooth decay in old restorations is a result of constant pressure from clenching and grinding. Consequently, the fillings will chip, crack, wear away, and leak. Consequently, the gaps allow debris and bacteria to enter the healthy part of the tooth.

Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates explains that filled teeth can still get cavities. Those chips and cracks that you probably don’t see allow food debris and decay to make their way to the healthy part of the tooth.

They Really Aren’t Worth It

Most people who have chips and cracks aren’t in pain and have no idea that there is new decay under or around the old silver amalgam filling or fillings. Some may feel some sensitivity, but not much else. For some, dental appointments aren’t a priority if they aren’t in pain. However, checking your old fillings is imperative if you want to avoid root canal therapy or a dental crown.

Checking Your Old Fillings for Decay

The best way to detect new decay in a filled tooth is to schedule an appointment with your Toronto dentist. The team from Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates is dedicated to getting to the root of the problem using efficient dental tools to check your fillings.

Healthy teeth and gums mean a healthy body. Call and schedule a comprehensive dental checkup with your dentist in Yorkville. You never what could be lurking under your old restorations 

Call and talk to a team member from Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates about your old silver fillings today.