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Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates is a place of comfort, care, and friendliness.  We look forward to welcoming you to our Dental Family.

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Dental Safety with Sturm & Associates

If you have been avoiding the dentist for months, schedule an appointment with your Sturm & Associates.

Whether you have skipped your appointments out of fear, or haven’t been to the dentist because of the pandemic, it’s time to let your guard down and schedule an appointment with your dentist in Yorkville.

Safety First with Sturm & Associates

The team from Sturm & Associates always put your safety first. Using the latest technologies you won’t have to fear the drill or any other part of your treatment.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, be sure and mention it to your dentist in Toronto as Sturm & Associates offers sedation dentistry for patients with dental fear.

People who don’t like x-rays will be happy to know that this dental practice in Yorkville uses digital x-rays. This provides patients with up to 90 percent less radiation exposure.

Other types of modern dental technology in Toronto include video scans giving the dental team the best information to create and design your dental restorations.

Dental Sedation in Toronto

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from dental fear in Toronto, you can rest easy as Sturm & Associates offers sedation dentistry for people who have mild to moderate dental anxiety.

You are in good hands when you sit in the dentist’s chair as you won’t feel a thing, better still, you won’t remember much, if anything about the dental procedure.

Sturm & Associates Preventive Care 

Being proactive with your dental care is essential, even in these trying times. Dr. Judy Sturm and her team are at the top of their game. This gives patients peace of mind when they need it most.

Your dentist in Toronto recommends twice-yearly dental checkups. If you are susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay or have a family history of either, your dentist may recommend additional dental checkups throughout the year.

Schedule a Checkup with Sturm & Asociates

Dental checkups are essential as they can nip a problem in the bud before it gets worse. Keep in mind that cavities will not get better and neither will gum disease.

If left untreated that small cavity will get bigger and the nerves may die. That means you will need root canal therapy and a dental crown.

If you have a mild form of gum disease, it will get worse as well eventually progressing to periodontal disease.

Don’t wait, call and schedule a dental checkup in Toronto with Sturm & Associates today.