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Dental Checkups are Vital for Overall Health

If you can’t remember the last time you saw your dentist in Toronto, it’s time to schedule dental checkups with Sturm & Associates.

Voted the Best Dentist numerous times, you can be assured you are in the best hands when you schedule dental checkups for you and everyone else in your household.

Why Dental Checkups Matter

If you have been following this dental blog, you will have learned that dental checkups are good for oral AND overall health. The connection between the two has long been ignored leading to serious problems with gum health and overall health.

Regular dental checkups detect tooth decay and gum disease, but can also detect other disease as well.

What is Gum Disease?

Caught in the early stages, gingivitis usually doesn’t progress to periodontal disease. However, if gingivitis is not treated with regular cleanings and dental checkups it will most certainly get worse. Don’t forget that gingivitis is easily cured while periodontal disease is not. Periodontitis is controllable, but not curable.

Periodontal disease is serious, so serious that it destroys the jawbone while eating away at your gums. While it is easily preventable with good oral hygiene, a good diet and regular dental checkups in Toronto, leaving it alone leads to serious health conditions, including lung and heart disease.

Researchers believe this is because the gums are infected with bacteria, plaque and tartar that eventually reach the bloodstream.

Once this happens, that plaque and tartar attaches itself to your vessels and eventually the valves in your heart. As you can imagine, this will have serious consequences. In fact, the consequences could be deadly.

Signs of Gum Disease

  • Red and Swollen Gums
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Pockets Between Teeth
  • Chronic Bad Breath
  • Loose Teeth
  • Lost Teeth

If you have any of the above symptoms call and schedule an appointment with your Yorkville dentist. Treating gum disease in the early stages prevents periodontitis and other health issues. Avoiding gum disease treatment is a recipe for disaster.

Dental Checkups in Yorkville

The best way to prevent oral health problems, including gum disease, is to brush twice and floss once a day. Eat a diet rich vitamins and minerals and see Sturm & Associates for dental checkups at least twice a year or more so if you are prone to cavities and/or gum disease.

Don’t let gum disease interfere with overall health. Call or send a text and schedule an appointment with Sturm & Associates. Your mouth and body will thank you for it.

Call or send a direct message today.