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Is OSA the Reason you Feel Grumpy?

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, causes mood swings among other things. Those other things could be extremely serious, as serious as a heart attack.

According to sleep apnea dentist Dr. Judy Strum OSA could lead to stroke and even Alzheimer’s disease. OSA is also linked to COPD, respiratory issues and many other problems.

What Causes OSA?

Your obstructive sleep apnea dentist in Yorkville says that while there is no one cause of OSA there are some risks.

For example if you or someone you know is overweight, has a larger neck size than most or is post-menopausal OSA could be to blame. Men over 60 are also in the high risk category as are people who drink and smoke before bed.

Sturm & Associates can’t stress the importance of scheduling an appointment with a sleep apnea specialist or your doctor.

Your primary care physician will recommend or refer you to a sleep disorder specialist who will conduct a sleep study.

Just to Be Sure

Because there could be other health issues causing the repeated breathing cessations you will need to have a sleep study.

During the sleep study all of your resting patterns are recorded to see what type of sleep you are actually getting. If you have been over tired, can’t concentrate or have trouble with mood swings a sleep study in Yorkville will help determine why.

Other Signs

While mood swings, depression, and problems staying awake are sure signs something is amiss there are other things to look for.

For instance if you have problems staying awake while you are working or behind the wheel it’s time to see your doctor. These episodes could be life threatening, especially if you get behind the wheel or operate heavy equipment.

Because those who suffer from sleeping disorders aren’t getting the sleep they need it catches up.

The brain works over time because it has to wake the person up. People with sleeping disorders will often wake up 30 or more times every hour.

Help for People with OSA

Sturm & Associates have the right tools and experience to help people with mild to moderate sleeping disorders get the help they need.

From oral appliance therapy and a combination of better lifestyle choices people see remarkable results with alternative therapies.

Surgery isn’t the only answer when it comes to obstructive sleep apnea and other types of sleeping disorders.

If you have problems see your doctor. If you have been diagnosed see your dentist in Yorkville. It’s amazing what your local dentist can do for sleeping disorders.

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