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OSA and Snoring Is Your Problem Connected?

Snoring is a common issue that millions of people all over the globe have a problem with. However, some who snore may be dealing with OSA or obstructive sleep apnea as well.

DSA for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sturm & Associates are specialists and cannot stress the importance of an exam if you are snoring loudly or worse yet waking up gasping for breath.

Dental sleep medicine or DSA is something that is used to help people combat the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. Dental sleep medicine consists of oral appliance therapy, orthotics and in some cases CPAP therapy.

Dr. Judy Sturm is a DSM doctor in Yorkville who has the training, experience and knowledge to provide you with solutions for snoring and OSA.

What is OSA?

If you have been following the Sturm & Associates Blog you will know that obstructive sleep apnea is a potentially deadly condition that causes a person to stop breathing while sleeping.

The person suffering often wakes up gasping for breath 30 or more times every hour. Of course this has massive ramifications for the rest of your body and your overall health.

Obstructive sleep apnea causes the back of the throat to close while a person sleeps. Anyone can suffer from sleep apnea but it is more common in:

  • People who are overweight
  • Men
  • People over 65
  • Those with large necks
  • Women who are post-menopausal
  • People with chronic nasal congestion
  • Those with small airways
  • People who have a family history of OSA
  • Those who smoke
  • People who drink alcohol or take tranquillizers or sedatives
  • Those who suffer from certain medical conditions

Not Everyone is Aware of OSA

While you would think that you would know you were waking up gasping for breath it doesn’t happen that way.

Because the episodes happen so fast the person wakes up half asleep not even knowing they couldn’t breathe, falling back to sleep just as quickly.

These types of episodes are usually witnessed by another person. What that means is if you sleep alone you might not even know you have OSA.

Help for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

As previously mentioned Sturm & Associates provides dental sleep medicine for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

These solutions consist of orthotics, oral appliance therapy and other types of treatment such as meditation and relaxation exercises.

Sturm & Associates for Dental Sleep Medicine

If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea call and schedule an appointment for oral appliance therapy in Yorkville.

On the other hand if you have been told you are snoring more than you used to schedule an appointment with a sleep specialist.

The sooner you find out what you are suffering from, which could just be snoring, the better.

Call and schedule an appointment with Sturm & Associates today.