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You Don’t Have to Deal with Dental Anxiety

If you are one of the millions of people on the planet who suffers from dental anxiety, you are obviously not alone.

dental_anxiety_dentist_YorkvilleFrom mild dental fear to full blow dental phobia, people who put off dental treatments because of anxiety are only going to make things worse for themselves.

According to your dentist in Yorkville, skipping your regular dental checkups isn’t good for oral health, especially if you are prone to tooth decay and/or gum disease.

Skipping the Dentist is Expensive

What most people don’t realize is that dental problems won’t fix themselves. Cavities get bigger and gum disease gets worse, especially if you are lax with brushing and flossing. Toothaches and bleeding gums are two major signs that you need to overcome your dental anxiety and schedule an appointment with your Yorkville dentist.

A Relaxing Dental Experience

Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates offers patients every comfort possible including music and television, but for some patients those good old-fashioned amenities don’t help with dental anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide for Mild Dental Anxiety

Called laughing gas, nitrous oxide provides relief for mild dental anxiety. Nitrous oxide is delivered via a hose and nosepiece that emits the laughing gas and oxygen. With nitrous oxide, you are fully conscious during the dental appointment.

Once your dental procedure is completed, the laughing gas leaves your system immediately without any after effects. People who have nitrous oxide can drive themselves home as well.

Oral Medication for Moderate Anxiety

Oral medication is administered to patients who suffer from moderate anxiety and stress. Taken the night before and another an hour before your dental appointment, you must have someone drive you to and from the appointment as you will feel drowsy. During your procedure, you will be monitored and checked to make sure the medication is working.

Delaying Dental Work

People suffering from dental anxiety probably don’t understand how essential good oral health is to the rest of the body. Don’t forget that your mouth is the opening and gateway to your entire body. If it isn’t healthy, chances are the rest of you won’t be either.

Delaying professional cleanings allows plaque to become tartar. Tartar is that hard stuff that is impossible to remove without a dentist in Yorkville. Tartar causes pockets to form between your teeth and gums making your mouth toxic to the rest of your body.

Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates explains that the more complex a problem the more costly. Delaying a simple filling could lead to much bigger issues such as root canal therapy or a dental crown. Bleeding gums could be a case of gingivitis. However, if left untreated gingivitis could develop into periodontal disease, which is controllable, but not curable.

Help for Dental Anxiety in Toronto

You don’t have to suffer from dental anxiety. Call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates who will help you get through your next checkup and beyond.

Call or text your Yorkville dentist for a checkup today.