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Your Guide To Picking The Best Dentist In Toronto

If you’re new to the Yorkville area and are on the hunt for a dentist, there are a few things you should consider as part of the decision-making process. You don’t just want to go with whoever comes up first in your search result.

So how do you pick the right dental partner? What do you need to look for? At Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates, we’ve developed strong bonds with our patients. The cornerstones of these relationships are trust, understanding, and communication.

We recommend your start your search with the three “Rs.”

n Recommendations. Go to the people you trust most, like friends, family, and co-workers, to find who they think is a great dentist in your area.

n Referrals. Your current dentist could point you in the right direction. If your dentist is retiring or you’re moving, ask him or her if they have someone else in mind. I’m sure they’d be happy to help.

n Reviews. Browse the web to see what people are saying on review sites about the dentist you’re considering. A lot of positive comments with four- and five-star ratings is a good sign.

The next step is to check them out. Call the practice to find out if they are accepting new patients and what services they provide. If you get the answers you’re looking for, you should set up a visit to meet the dentist.

Once you’re there, pay attention to how the office looks (i.e. is it clean?). Ask questions and gather information on …

  1. Practice hours. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you’ll want to make sure the practice can accommodate your schedule.
  2. The dentist. You want your dentist to take your individual needs, dental history, and personality into consideration. See if they go to conferences and have taken continuing education courses. Is preventive dentistry important to them? This is an important aspect of long-term health and can help you avoid costly, complex treatments down the road.
  3. Find out if the dentist provides the treatment you require or desire. If you find yourself in a dental emergency, will they be readily available to help?
  4. Special requirements. Is the practice wheelchair accessible? Do they treat kids or people with special needs? Do they have sedation options to help the most anxious patients feel at ease? At our office, your comfort always matters.
  5. Check that you’re covered. If you have benefits, ask if the dentist if they can work with your health plan.

Last but not least … pick a dental team that truly cares about you … and giving you results that will help your smile stand out! There’s a reason we’ve been voted “Best Dentist” in Toronto multiple times! Call now to join our dental family or fill out a new patient intake form – find it on the “First Visit” page of our website.