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Is Chronic Halitosis Affecting Your Life?

chronic_halitosis_dentist_TorontoAccording to Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates chronic halitosis affects millions, if not billions, of people all over North America. A number of things cause chronic bad breath but what most people do not understand is that the main cause is poor oral hygiene. If you do not brush and floss every day, there is a good chance, you are dealing with bad breath.

Occasional Halitosis is Normal

Your dentist in Yorkville explains that while occasional bad breath is normal, chronic halitosis is not. People who enjoy garlic and onions experience bad breath more often because it hangs around for 72 hours in the lungs. Other causes of temporary bad breath include alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and your morning cup of Joe.

What Causes Chronic Halitosis?

People who live alone may not even know they are suffering while others may learn from a friend or relative. In severe cases, chronic halitosis can actually have a negative impact on relationships, the workplace, and quality of life.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Your Toronto dentist will tell you that bacteria are the number one cause of bad breath. Bacteria are caused by food particles and debris on the teeth, gums, and tongue. The number one reason people suffer from chronic halitosis is poor oral hygiene.

Dry Mouth and Chronic Halitosis

Another reason people suffer is dry mouth. Certain prescriptions cause dry mouth as do over the counter medications. If your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva, you will experience dry mouth and chronic bad breath.

Food and Drink

The food and drinks you consume could be contributing to your bad breath. Spicy foods and odorous foods along with the previously mentioned onions and garlic are often to blame. If you like to enjoy foods that aren’t great for your breath brush afterwards and use sugar free breath mints.

Tonsillitis Respiratory Infections and Chronic Halitosis

Bronchitis, sinusitis, and tonsillitis could be the reason for your bad breath. People who have gastrointestinal diseases could also be dealing with chronic halitosis. If this is the case, you should see your primary care physician to rule out anything more serious.

How to Improve Bad Breath

  • Brush twice and floss once each day
  • Use an antibacterial mouth rinse
  • Avoid all types of tobacco
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water every day
  • If dry mouth is an issue, see your doctor or dentist
  • Schedule regular dental checkups with Sturm & Associates

You don’t have to deal with chronic halitosis. Call and schedule a dental checkup with your Toronto dentist. Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates can help you get rid of your chronic bad breath once and for all.

Call for a dental checkup in Yorkville today.